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Estate administration: There are many exacting details in properly administering an estate. All assets need to be inventoried, all bills and taxes need to be paid, and the property needs to be properly distributed.

Guardianships: If you have a family member who cannot make health, daily living, or financial decisions, talk to Michael R. Sleister about establishing a guardianship or conservatorship.

Contested Wills: Is someone contesting a loved one’s Will? Do you feel that a Will should be contested? Or defended? Contact Michael R. Sleister about the issues involved and learn what your options are.

Property transfer: When property is only in the name of a deceased person or when the property was jointly held, Michael R. Sleister can help you change the legal ownership.

One of the best gifts you can leave with your family is a clear understanding of how you want your assets to be distributed.Last Will and Testament: Everyone with a family and/or property should have a Will. In a Will, you can name a guardian to care for your children in the event of your death, you can specify how your property is to be distributed, and you can set up trusts for your children.

Living Wills: How do you want healthcare decisions made if you cannot make your own decisions? A Living Will can explain your preferences to family members.

Healthcare directives, powers of attorney: Michael R. Sleister will advise you about healthcare directives, powers of attorneys, and other documents that are needed to assure your desires are known and followed.