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Michael R. Sleister represents buyers or sellers in real estate transactions gone awry. He is often called upon to intervene in disputes between home buyers, developers, general contractors, or subcontractors over non-performance, non-payment, or substandard work, including filing for injunctions, specific performance, or construction liens. He represents homeowners, home buyers, businesses, developers, and contractors in wide range of contractual disputes. He handles both residential and commercial real estate matters, business transactions, and disputes among parties in developing property.

Michael R. Sleister also represents landowners in disputes involving easements, leases, dispossessory actions, property line locations, property damage claims, and a variety of other disputes involving competing interests over land ownership and use.

  • Business transactions (buy-sell agreements)
  • Partnership and owner disputes
  • Business-to-business breach of contract claims
  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Claims against homeowner associations
  • Property damage claims

Condemnation/eminent domain:
How much is your property worth? If the Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT), Georgia Power, a city, a county, or the State decides to take your land in a condemnation process, you are entitled to just compensation, and just compensation almost never describes the first offer from the condemning authority.

Landowner rights: If you are a landowner, if you own commercial, residential, or farm property that the DOT, Georgia Power, or the government needs, be sure to talk to Michael R. Sleister so he can explain your rights to you.

Condemnation proceedings: When your land or other real property is subject to a condemnation proceeding to make way for other uses (an interstate highway, a power line right-of-way, or other public uses), Michael R. Sleister can help you determine an appropriate response.