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When you are the owner or manager of a business, you have a lot to deal with on a day-to-day basis to operate and grow your business. If you need a business law attorney, or a lawyer to serve as your corporate counsel, lets discuss your legal needs and how Michael R. Sleister can help.Business contracts: Every business contract is important and needs careful review before signing. Michael R. Sleister works with his clients on partnership agreements, employment contracts, supplier contracts, commercial leases, and other contractual agreements.

Business sales and purchases: Buying or selling a business involves legal and financial details that need careful review.

Business Formation: Michael R. Sleister can guide and advise you through the process of business formation.

Business Litigation: If your business is being threatened with legal action or if you need to resolve a contract dispute, Michael R. Sleister will work with you to understand the dispute and to find a resolution that works for you.

Collections: When a customer fails to pay for products or services, Michael R. Sleister can assist you with collection.

Contract disputes: When one party fails to meet the obligations in a contract, the situation needs to be resolved.

Partner and shareholder disputes: When the owners of a company have a dispute, it is important to deal with the matter quickly and with concern for the business.

Mediation, Arbitration: Many contracts require mediation, arbitration, or alternative dispute resolution instead of courtroom litigation.